YooHoo and Friends are a soft toy collection manufactured by Aurora World. In 2011, Yoohoo and Friends won the Best Soft Toy of the Year award at the Independent Toy Awards.

The soft toys are suitable from birth onwards, but around a baby’s first birthday, children will start to ‘socialise’ much more with their toys, chattering to them and playing games with them, so one of the toys from the Yoohoo and Friends collection would make an excellent purchase for a baby’s 1st birthday present.

The Yoohoo & Friends collection is extensive, but it includes characters such as Capuchin Monkey, Squirrel, Lemur, Meerkat, Barbary Lion, Iberian Lynx, Wannabe Cyclist, Wannabe King of the Jungle, Wannable Golfer, Wannabe English Detective, Irish Round the World Yoohoo, Pirates, Wannabe Rock Star, Scottish Around the World, Wannabe Pop Star, Platypus, Red Fox, Lesser Panda and Wannabe Out of Space…. although the complete range of characters is too extensive to list here in full.

To find out more about Yoohoo and Friends, check out Hamleys toy store who have been selling toys for over 250 years.


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