Wooden letters for a nursery are a fantastic way to personalise a baby’s first nursery. Usually bought by the letter, they come in all sorts of different colours and designs. Some are painted bright colours, whilst others are left as traditional wooden letters, which you can perhaps consider painting yourself.

Some of the personalised wooden letters on this page are themed as either dinosaur, pirates, knights or animal letters. Others come as part of a personalised wooden alphabet train which looks fantastic on a bookshelf or mantelpiece.

If budget is a concern to you, then decorative letters are a fantastically affordable way to brighten up a baby’s first nursery at very little cost, particularly if the baby you’re buying for has a shorter name such as Tim, rather than a longer name such as Anastasia.

Some of the more expensive letters that we’ve chosen to list here, should be bought as an initial rather than a whole name. With the Vintage 3d Comic letter for instance, you can choose both the letter of the alphabet as well as the design of the letter – choose from vintage superhero, vintage boys annual, vintage girls annual, page from a Charles Dickens book or sheet music.

When considering how to hang your letters in the baby’s first nursery, then some of them will come attached to a piece of string which can then be hung like a picture, others will come with sticky backs which can then be attached to the wall.


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