When you choose to host a baby’s first birthday party, one of the things you’ll need to decide is who you wish to invite. The length of the guest list will depend largely on the type of event you’re hosting. If you have a small home for instance, then you may choose to have an intimate gathering with immediate family only, whereas if you’re hired a function room or venue then you can of course allow for a much more generous guest list. Finances may be a big part of your decision as well. If you’re choosing to throw a 1st birthday party on a budget, then you’ll need to cut corners with who you invite. If money is no object then of course this is a different matter.

Baby’s First Birthday Party Invitations might go to:

Grandparents and other immediate family members such as your siblings
Most grandparents and your baby’s aunts and uncles will take great delight in being invited to be part of your baby’s milestone 1st birthday celebrations. However, if they do not live nearby, in a different part of the country or overseas, then make the decision as to whether or not to invite them with great care. If invited they may feel obliged to attend this birthday party, when really it’s not convenient for them and travelling could be expensive for them. Another problem area can be if there are any family members who do not get on. If they’re going to bring their family politics with them to your baby’s 1st birthday, then they may ruin your celebrations. If neither of these factors are a problem for you though, then family members are an excellent addition to the guest list. They will love showering your baby with love and attention and may even help out with the food preparation and clearing up.

Your best friends
Depending on the size of your guest list, you can possibly consider limiting this section of the guest list, particularly if your best friends do not have their own children. Whilst some non-parents would love to be surrounded by children all day long, others might not find it to be of particular interest to them and may even be struggling to conceive their own child so may find it a difficult event to attend. Only you know your particular circle of friends and whether or not they’d be interested in coming along.

Other children and their parents
An essential part of the guest list. By the time your baby’s first birthday comes along, you’ve probably met and added a dozen or more babies to your new circle of friends. Whether they’re children of your family members, children of your friends or even babies (and their parents) that you’ve met through antenatal classes or mums and babies groups, you’ll have probably acquired several new best friends for your own baby. When drawing up your guest list, think carefully about how many babies or children you want to accommodate at the party and think up some 1st birthday games that you can get them involved in.

With guest lists, just like all aspects of a 1st birthday party, planning is key.

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