For those of you who have twins who are approaching their first birthday, we have some information on the types of challenges you can expect in the coming year.

1 year old twins awareness of self

As your babies begin to develop an awareness of self, you’ll notice that not only are they discovering that they’re separate from mum and dad, but also from each other. This tends to create some interesting behaviours and it won’t be long until the biting, hitting, pushing, hair pulling and stealing becomes commonplace between twins. When one hurts the other, you’ll often find that you’ll end up with the victim and the attacking twin both in tears from confusion.

Twins Separation Anxiety

It’s also likely that your twins will start to throw major tantrums, particularly from separation anxiety. Interestingly, unlike with other babies, you’ll notice that they’re not that phased from being separated from their parents, but they’ll scream the house down if separated from each other. They’re simply so used to spending 24 hours of the day with their other half and can’t bear to be apart from their twin.

Social Skills of One Year Twins

It is this bond between that is an excellent starting point for socialising. Whilst other babies have to learn to interact socially with other children and adults other than their parents, twins are already beginning to form basic social skills such as passing each other toys. You’ll also be able to ease them into various social situations such as a nursery more easily than if they were by themselves, because they’ll always have each others familiarity for company.

Of course, as with all babies, your twins will develop at different rates. However, it’s very common that when one twin learns a new skill, the other notices it and mimicks it so that they’re quickly able to join in the fun.

Language Development in Twins

Another interesting thing to happen between twins in this year, is the development of language. Here, as we’re sure you know, you have to be very careful with twins as it’s often possible that there will be a delay in developing language skills due to the fact that the twins are talking to each other more than an adult. Think about it – if you leave one baby in a room by him/herself, then they won’t have anyone to talk or listen to until you come back. But if you leave twins in the each others company, then they’ll be chattering to each other constantly.
The most common thing to happen is for the twins to start to develop their own language. It makes sense, as the person they’ll spend the most time with in the world is their other twin and as they’re not yet able to speak fluent English (or other language) then their ability to learn and repeat words is hindered. You’ll also find that when learning their mother tongue, if one twin says a word incorrectly, the chances are that the other twin will learn to say that word incorrectly too. So as parents, you have to extremely vigilant in picking up on these mistakes. Talk to your twins as much as possible so that they’ll be able to start communicating with you as effectively as they do with each other.

So that’s it – you have an exciting year coming up. Check out the essential guide to twins below

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