V Tech toys are some of the most popular toys that a baby likes to play with during his or her first year. Babies love the colours that make up the V Tech Baby range, accompanied by the electric sounds and fun, punchy buttons that are added to toys such as the Octobubble Orchestra which features huge piano keys and also features bubble blowing technology – the suction cups on it allow it to be attached to bathroom tiles.

For babies that are of the age where they are about to crawl (anything upwards of 6 months), the VTech Crawl and Learn ball is a fantastic aid, as the ball has an inbuilt motor which moves it around, encouraging your baby to chase after it.

V Tech toys are a perfect gift for a first birthday. Although some are appropriate for much smaller babies, the whole VTech baby range incorporates a huge selection of toys between the ages of 0+ to 36 months. After that, you can move on to the V Tech Preschool.

In terms of price, if you have £10 to spend, you’ll find yourself with a lot of options such as the Musical Tambourine or the Babble Phone, although you can also spend a little more, for instance £29.99 will get you a First Steps Baby Walker.

Find out more about VTech Baby Toys here.


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