Baby’s First Birthday Gift of the Week

Our Baby’s First Birthday Gift of the week has to go to this beautiful, red wooden post box from Hamleys. From their Fun to Learn range, this is a truly traditional gift which allows your baby to place different objects in various different holes in the box. There are 3 different shaped parcels (triangle, square and round) and 3 large letters (addressed to Father Christmas, the Tooth Fairy and Hamleys Toy Shop) which each come with removable stamps. At first babies can take the lid off the top of the postbox and place all the objects into the one hole. As they get to grips with the different shapes, they’ll start to choose the correct hole for the shape that they’re holding. It’s wonderful to watch them concentrate and manage to post their letters correctly. Encouragement and celebration will prompt a big grin on your baby’s face.

The traditional wooden post box is priced at £24 and is aimed at children between 18 months and 3 years, with a minimum age of 18 months. It is made using FSC wood, which is sourced using responsible forestry.

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