Toys R Us is a huge brand in children’s toys. It was originally founded in 1948 during the baby boom of the post-war years in Washington DC under the name Childrens Supermart – it later changed it’s name in 1957 to Toys R Us. The headquarters are in Wayne, New Jersey.

Toys R Us has over 600 international stores in countries such as the United Kingdom.

On this page, we showcase some toys which may be appropriate for babies who are approaching their first birthday. Some of the products may not to useful until a few months later as your baby develops further. You can choose from traditional toys such as stacking rings, themed toys such as Angry Birds toys, bathtime toys, cuddly toys, toy cars, trucks and diggers, building blocks, shape sorters and ride-ons.

Toys R Us are one of the biggest names in toy retailers, so they’re a truly excellent choice for a baby’s first birthday.


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