TOLO Toys are exciting for babies and toddlers as they are created using primary colours which are stimulating to the eyes, as well as being fun and traditional creatures such as farm animals and dinosaurs. The First Friends collection is ideal for a baby’s first birthday as it is aimed at children aged between 1 and 5 years old. Some of the characters click, others squeak and some even come in electronic vehicles which shows your children the start of the exciting world of motorised toys.

The First Friends set does the job of bringing the adult world down to a manageable size for a 1 year old. As your child plays with and talks to the TOLO characters, he or she will develop imagination, self confidence, social skills, cognitive skill and language abilities.

Some of the TOLO First Friends toys include lion, elephant, giraffe, hippo, triceratops, crocodile, stegosaurus, cave girl, brontosaurus, t-rex, cave boy, first friends monkey, first friends snake, pterodactyl, postman, racing car driver, first friends girl, first friends boy, nurse, doctor, safari girl, skateboarder, jungle play set, piglet and cow set, go kart, cars, safari vehicles and train sets.

TOLO First Friends toys are available at Hamleys, the famous toy store which has been selling toys for over 250 years.


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