A baby’s first birthday is a huge landmark in both your baby’s life and in your parenting, so it’s a great idea to celebrate by throwing a 1st birthday party.
There are however, a few things that you consider when planning your baby’s first birthday party.

  • Your baby is going to be 1, not 21, so try to keep the numbers small and manageable so that your child isn’t too overwhelmed by all the extra people invading his or her territory.
  • Plan the time of your baby’s party carefully. You should probably aim to have the guests arrive a little while after your baby normally wakes up from their afternoon nap. If they arrive as your baby is waking up, then the chances are that he or she could be a little cranky, but if you start too much later or course, it’ll be bedtime and your guests may end up getting cake thrown at them by a baby having a tantrum!
  • It’s normally a good idea to throw the party at your house, rather than at a venue, so that your baby can be relaxed in a familiar environment and you won’t need to worry about travelling.
  • As far as presents go, of course you’ll want to give your baby a birthday present on his or her first birthday – that’s what this site is here for. You can either go down the sentimental route and buy your baby a gift that he or she will appreciate in years to come, or something that they’ll be able to play with right now. Or both – something for now, something for years to come!
  • With decorations, it really is a good idea to go all out. Your baby won’t know much about the party that you’re throwing in their honour, but they will appreciate brightly coloured decorations and the movement of streamers and banners. So it’s a great excuse to get all the trimmings!

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