If you’re stuck for first birthday gift ideas , then we really think you should consider buying a silver money box for the baby in your life.

Not only are the range of silver moneyboxes on this page both fun and sentimental – in a couple of years time, you’ll also be able to know that you had a hand in teaching the child about the value of money. Most kids get pocket money of some sort or another and once they’re old enough they’ll be able to drop a few pence or pounds into one of these gorgeous money boxes and save for sweets or a small toy.

We’ve hand picked our favourite selection of baby’s silver money boxes currently available to buy. These include money boxes in all sorts of shapes and sizes including those designed like footballs, teddies, helicopters, Cinderella coaches, pirate ships, Noah’s arks, Mini cars, tractors, diggers and caterpillars.

A silver money box is a perfect gift for a baby’s first birthday which will last until adulthood.


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