If you’re looking for the ideal baby’s first birthday gift, or indeed a christening gift, then consider giving the gift of silver baby jewellery. Not only is silver baby jewellery extremely cute, it’s also an extremely thoughtful and impressive present to receive.

The range of silver baby jewellery available is vast, but we’ve included some of our favourites on this page. Choose from christening cross necklaces, sterling silver baby bangles or bracelets, pendants, necklaces, the list is endless.

Some of the range of baby jewellery is able to be personalised with the message of your choice – perhaps choose the baby’s name and date of birth, or else the date of their christening.

Charm bracelets are another great idea for a baby’s first birthday present. You can start off the bracelet with one or two charms and then the parents or other friends and family can buy individual charms to add to the jewellery at a later date. A truly beautiful gift idea.


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