If you’re in two minds about whether to celebrate the milestone of your baby’s first birthday by throwing a party, then here are some great reasons to do so:

Why you should celebrate your baby’s 1st birthday

Photos, videos and memories
Your baby’s first birthday is an enormous milestone and one which you must have a camera or camcorder present at, particularly for that all important shot of the baby in front of their cake with 1 solitary candle on it. Photos of your little one on this special day remain with you for a lifetime and when your baby is a grownup, they’ll be able to see what they were up to and probably have a bit of a giggle at themselves.

No christening or naming day
If you’ve decided not to have a christening or a naming day or other alternative celebration, then a baby’s first birthday might be the first chance you really get to celebrate the arrival of your little one into the world with your nearest and dearest. Throw a party to mark the occasion.

If you’re not married
If you and your partner aren’t married and have no plans to be married any time soon, then you could have a first birthday party for your child to celebrate you all coming together as a family. You could have a small and intimate gathering or a larger occasion that would put many weddings to shame. There are no rules, just celebrate.

Your family and friends
There aren’t many opportunities in life where you get to be in the same room as all the people you love, so why not have a birthday party for your baby’s 1st birthday and use it as a great excuse to have all your friends and family together for a few hours.

Parents (usually mums!) love a good opportunity to dress up their little ones in adorable outfits. Whether you’ve chosen a pretty dress for a girl, a mini suit for a boy or just a miniature version of your favourite fancy dress outfit, if you’re looking for a special occasion to dress your baby in one of the above, then this could be it. Think of the photos!

Where there are birthday party guests, there are usually birthday presents, so throw a birthday party to cash in on gifts for your little one…. we’re joking…. sort of – haha!

You don’t want to be left out
You’ve been to your nephew’s first birthday, your best friend’s daughter’s birthday and now all your antenatal class are having parties for their 1 year olds, so you don’t want your baby to be left out of all the merriment.

And the other side of the coin…. coming soon….. reasons not to throw a baby’s 1st birthday party!

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