Following on from our recent post on Reasons to throw a baby’s first birthday party, we’re taking a look at the other option, which is not throwing a party.

Reasons why not throwing a 1st birthday party might be the best option for you:

If your child is unwell
If your baby has recently been unwell and is still either getting over their illness or is still contagious then you probably won’t want to put your baby through the disruption of having all these extra people in your house. Parents of other babies will most likely be grateful that you aren’t risking them also coming down with something.

Your finances
Whilst you can throw a very economical birthday party, even a small outlay of cash is to be expected for things like decorations, food and drink and some entertainment. As we all know, the first year with a baby can be expensive so it may be that throwing a birthday party for your baby is one cost too many and you’d rather spend the money on a new buggy, carseat or high chair.

Family Politics
Not everyone is blessed with having a family that gets on well with one another. If both sets of grandparents/inlaws are very different and don’t get along then it might be a dreadful idea to have everyone in the same room at the same time. You should be able to enjoy your baby’s first birthday party and not become a referee between warring family members.

How many celebrations and parties is it really acceptable to expect your family and friends to attend? You got married last year, your husband just had his 30th, you’ve already had a Christening, it’s just been Christmas and now you don’t want your families and friends to have to travel from all over the country with gifts for another of your occasions. Of course what you’re forgetting is that most of them would be very happy to do so, but if you’re going to end up feeling guilty about it, then perhaps it’s not the best of ideas.

Too much for baby
Some babies are hugely sociable and don’t bat an eyelid when they’re thrust in the same room as a dozen strangers. But if you have a baby that is quite sensitive to excess noise and people, then you might acknowledge that this wouldn’t be the most fun day for her and you’d rather choose an activity that you know she’ll get enjoyment out of.

Too much for you
If you’ve been thinking about this milestone occasion since the day your baby was born, then perhaps you want to spend as much of the day with your child as is possible, rather than having your baby passed around a sea of doting family members who all want as many cuddles as you do. Instead you could choose to have a day with just your partner and your other children if you have any.

If you have come to the decision that throwing a baby’s first birthday party is not for you, then don’t be disappointed, there are plenty of alternatives to a first birthday party that could be perfect for your family.

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