Puppets are a wonderful idea for a baby’s first birthday gift. Babies love the motion, the cuddliness and the funny voices that the puppets are given by their holders. It’s lovely for parents to watch their babies interact with puppets that they’re operating.
Puppets are also a great entertainment option for a 1st birthday party. You can either buy or hire a puppet theatre or create your own with a dining table covered in fabric for you to hide behind with your supply of puppets! Grab a relative to help you out and you’ve got yourself a puppet show to keep the babies entertained for a good portion of time.
Puppets come in an unlimited variety of shapes and sizes. You can even create your own from an old sock or puppet kit. Animal puppets such as a Gruffalo puppet are often a favourite with babies approaching their first birthday as parents can easily add animal noises that babies of this age are starting to learn. Some of the popular animal puppets featured on this page are from the Puppet Company. These include puppets such as lion, wolf, cow, bear, white rabbit, crocodile, red macaw, chimp and giant dodo. They also have character puppets such as policeman puppet and prince puppet.

A seasonal variation on the baby’s first birthday puppet is a baby’s first Christmas puppet such as a Snowman puppet or a Santa hand puppet.


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