It might be a little early for a 1 year old to learn to tell the time, but as the saying goes ‘time flies’ and it won’t be long before a child will be interested in clocks and watches.
The personalised clocks for children on this page are a beautiful addition to a nursery. They come in all sorts of different designs such as a horse clock, butterfly clock, robot clock, handbag clock, little bird clock, princess clock, fairy clock, cupcake clocks etc. As you can see there is a great choice for both baby boys and baby girls and each can be customised with the name of your child.

Baby’s First Birthday’s favourite tip for teaching your child to tell the time: show your child the second hand and explain that each time it goes around the clock, that a minute has passed. A child doesn’t need much of an attention span to understand this concept, which forms the groundwork for explaining how the rest of time works.


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