Personalised frames are an excellent idea for a first birthday present. You can choose between giving a personalised photo frame, or a personalised picture frame.

Personalised photo frames give the opportunity for you to include a photo of your choice as well as a personalised message. Alternatively you could leave the parents of the child to choose their own photo to place in their baby’s photo frame.

The personalised picture frames on this page are extremely varied. You can choose between a selection of brightly coloured picture frames, all of which include the name of the child as the centrepiece. Available designs are dinosaurs, animal name frames, cupcakes, space, monsters, little feet, teddy bears and even 3d photo frames.

Whether you opt for a personalised photo or picture frame, you can be sure that this gift will be displayed proudly on the walls of the child’s nursery. It’s a gift that will last well into adolescence!


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