Personalised children’s story books are a fantastic gift idea for a baby’s first birthday, which will last for years to come.

Typically a personalised children’s story book requires the following types of information from you when you place an order: child’s name, age, child’s friends name, adult’s name, child’s hometown. Where illustrations are to be personalised too, you may be asked to provide information about hair colour, eye colour, glasses, skin tone etc.

These types of details will then be slotted into a template story and the hardback book will be individually prepared and dispatched to an address of your choice.

There are so many different stories available for your personalised book. Examples include ‘My Train Adventure’, ‘My Christmas Adventure’, ‘Too Many Monsters’ and ‘Spiderman’.

A different type of personalised children’s book is a parents milestone book – Now – (Name of Child) is One. This book is a milestone diary. You’ll need to supply a hi resolution picture file of your baby’s face to be included in the book. The finished book will then feature scenes such as the child in the park, clapping, walking, playing peek a boo etc. Each illustration will feature the baby’s face. It’s a wonderful gift choice.


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