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Although many parents initially choose to have their baby sleeping in the same room as them, there will come a time during the baby’s first year, when you’ll want to think about moving the baby into his or her own nursery.

Deciding how to create the perfect nursery can be a difficult task, as there’s just so much choice out there. Try and keep these ideas in mind when you’re decorating and purchasing:

There are certain things that you’d like for your nursery and certain things that you need for your nursery.
At the top of the list will be something for your baby to sleep in, such as a cot. Cribs and moses baskets will be quickly outgrown, but a decent cot that perhaps turns into a junior bed suitable until the age of 5 or so, is a fantastic investment so choose wisely.
You’ll also need a changing mat and some storage space. Cot top changers or mats integrated onto the top of a chest of draws can be excellent space savers and if at the right height for you, can also be good for your back when changing baby several times a day! In terms of storage space, baby clothes may look cute and small, but you’ll be amazed how quickly they fill up your storage areas. You can either opt for a chest of drawers, or a wardrobe or both. Some cots also come with a handy draw situated beneath the cot itself.

Blackout Blinds
They may not seem like they’ll create a light and cheery atmosphere, but trust us, investing in a set of blackout blinds for baby is an extremely good idea for getting your baby down for naps. Check out our recent review of the Gro Store Blackout Blinds for further info.

Your baby probably won’t appreciate toys properly for the first few weeks of his or her life. Instead, they’re more likely to be stimulated by extremely contrasting colours such as black and white which help to stimulate the baby’s brain development. Flash cards (often downloadable) can help to calm the baby, whilst putting the brain to work in the background. However, as parents, you’re probably going to want to get some more exciting toys than some black and white flash cards that you’ve downloaded! You can really go wild here, with soft toys such as the Slumber Bear being both adorable and useful as it contains a soundbox which plays comforting womb sounds/whale music/lullabies/white noise to your baby whilst he or she sleeps. There is also the option of recording your own voice to soothe your little one back to sleep, which is particularly useful if your child is staying overnight with the grandparents. The bear has sound and motion sensors which activate the sound box whenever it hears the baby crying or moving. A great addition to your baby’s nursery.

You’re going to need a lot of baby blankets for your baby’s nursery. Some of them might be decorative and strewn over a chair, others might be better suited for the pram, whilst a 3rd category will be necessary for swaddling or to put in whatever your baby is going to sleep in. It’s usually best to opt for blankets made from a fabric which is natural, such as 100% cotton. Cellular blankets are also great for keeping in the cot, as they allow enough air to move back and forth, helping to ensure that your baby is comfortable but doesn’t overheat.

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