Happy New Year from Baby’s First Birthday.

We’ve decided to compile a list of New Year’s Resolutions that some of you mums might be interested in adding to your own list.

Lose your baby weight and get fit

Pretty obvious after all that Christmassing, it’s amazing how those yule logs and glasses of wine pile on the pounds. But in all seriousness if you try and get in shape, you’ll find that you have more energy for dealing with those sleepless nights and teething issues. It’s also pretty important to get fit if you’re thinking about trying for another baby this year. Of course it’s not always easy to find the time to get in shape when you’re caring for a baby or toddler, so our favourite ways to trim down are a) count the calories, b) sign up for Weightwatchers online and c) do workout dvds in your living room.

Take your baby out more

Ignore the bad weather. It’s been a pretty mild winter so far, but if it does become Arctic, then try not to let it stop you from getting out and about. You can go a bit stir crazy if you’re stuck at home all day caring for a baby who can’t yet chat to you. So wrap up warm (very important to wrap your baby up obviously) and still try and make it out to your mum’s clubs and activities.

Limit the amount of TV watching you do

It can be tempting to have the TV on in the background all day, but if you start to notice your baby staring intently at the TV with you, then it might be a good idea to turn it off and play with your baby. Sing songs, play with his or her toys and even try out a little baby massage. Of course we don’t believe that all TV is bad. You might want to consider popping on an educational and stimulating DVD such as Baby Mozart from the Baby Einstein range.

Save money

It can be tough living on a reduced salary whilst you’re on maternity leave or if you’ve given up work completely. In fact a recent study has shown that one third of mothers go into debt whilst on maternity leave. But there are ways to save or even make money if you try hard enough. Consider if there’s any sort of freelance work that you could carry out over the Internet whilst your baby is napping. Even starting a blog can help you if you keep it regularly updated and add some basic Google ads to it. If you really knuckle down and get organised, you might be surprised that you have more time to do this than you think you do. In terms of saving money, babies are pricey little things, but check out Nearly New sales and always look for discount codes and offers when shopping online. Every little helps.

Start planning your baby’s first birthday party

If your little one is turning 1 this year, then it’s never too early to start thinking about a first birthday party. Think about how big you’d like it to be, who you’d like to invite and what kind of theme your baby might like. You can also figure out things like what food you’d like to serve and where you might like to host it. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with not wanting to throw a first birthday. You could save money and have a really special time just by keeping it simple and just have a really nice family day out.

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