Lamaze toys are based with the Lamaze infant development system in mind. This system is divided into 3 parts.
Stage 1 is known as ‘Awakening the Senses’ and takes place between 6-24 months.
Stage 2 is is known as ‘Exploring and Experimenting’ and also takes place between 6-24 months.
Stage 3 is known as ‘Moving and Doing’ and takes place between 9 and 24 months.

Put simply, babies are born with a great ability to hear, but only the beginning of their ability to see. Lamaze toys aim to stimulate and develop these senses through the use of bright colours, interesting textures and rattling and jangling parts.

By the time a baby gets to 9 months of age, they tend to be on the move in some shape or form, so babies will play with their Lamaze toys in a totally different way once they’re mobile. In particular they will be focussing on the development of their own motor skills when doing activities such as playing musical parts of the toys or stacking and sorting some of the shape sorting or stacking ring types of Lamaze toy.

If you have between £5 and £30 to spend on a baby’s first birthday gift, then Lamaze toys offer a great selection. They’re even a good idea for a Secret Santa gift for a baby as you could definitely work with a small budget to buy a stocking filler type of treat.

Some of the Lamaze toys that you might consider buying include Freddie the Firefly, Eddie the Elephant Tunes, Captain Calamari, Rusty the Robot, Musical Stacking Rings and Play and Grow Pupsqueak.


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