Of course you want to celebrate your baby turning one by throwing an unforgettable first birthday party. But times are tough for many families at the moment and as you know babies are very expensive people to look after, so your wallet might be feeling a little lighter than it used to be.

Some tips on how to throw an economical baby’s first birthday party

Create an email birthday party invitation
Rather than wasting money on paper invitations and stamps to send them through the post to your guests, consider designing an email invitation (perhaps using a photo of your baby) that you can send for free to all your guests. People tend to prefer RSVP-ing over email rather than by letter now anyway, so your guests will probably be grateful that all they have to do is hit ‘Reply’ to confirm their attendance.

Birthday Party Entertainment
If you were considering hiring a children’s entertainer to look after the children at your party, then you might want to reconsider as this could really eat into your first birthday party budget. Instead, have a think about any outgoing family members or friends that might be willing to dress up as a clown and play games with the children.

Get baking your own first birthday cake
Purchased birthday cakes can be expensive so consider baking a cake for your baby at home. This way you’ll know exactly what has gone into it and you can even make it a healthy birthday cake if that is important to you. One way to cut down on the cake wastage is to opt for birthday cupcakes instead of a traditional first birthday cake.

Guest List
When drawing up a list of potential guests for your baby’s first birthday, the most affordable thing to do here would be to invite as few people as possible. Consider trimming your guest list down to an intimate size which includes only your immediate family and close friends with their own babies. Does Great Aunt Ethel really need an invitation?

Party Venue selection
Function rooms and party venues can sometimes be expensive to hire, particularly if a minimum spend is necessary. So where possible try and hold your baby’s first birthday party at your home if you feel it’s big enough. If it really isn’t a space that you can work with, then have a think about your parents and inlaws houses and see if they would consider letting you host it there. If none of these are feasible then you could go to a public space such as the park for a first birthday picnic, although this would only really work during the summer months, which can be a little unpredictable.

Make your own decorations
Decorations can be an expensive addition to a baby’s first birthday party, but there are some really beautiful ways to decorate a party that don’t cost the earth. You can make your own bunting, papier mache decs, scatter confetti and glitter stars across tables and have as many of your baby’s colourful toys in the room as possible. You can also print out large photos of your baby’s first year and pin them up throughout the venue.

We hope you have taken inspiration from some of these cost-saving ideas and are able to throw a memorable first birthday party for your baby.

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