If you and your partner are considering having another baby, or are currently expecting a new addition to the family, then at some point you’ll probably want to consider what to name your baby.

Whilst some people have had their baby names picked out before they’ve even found their current partner, others struggle with the task of giving a name to your wonderful little creation.

Here are some things to think about when choosing the name of your baby:

  • Consider the baby’s surname – some first and last names just don’t mix
  • Consider what the baby’s initials will be. If your surname is Johnson and you love the name Brooke, you’ll be inviting huge amounts of teasing upon your poor little girl once her classmates discover what B.J means.
  • Be careful with celebrity names. There are an awful lot of Britneys around and some people consider this to be tacky.
  • Some parents like to pass on a family name as a tradition. If the name in question is a little bit old-fashioned, then it’s often best to include it as a middle name only and choose a first name that both you and your child will be more likely to prefer.
  • Your religion may play a part in the choosing of your baby’s name.
  • Some people are happy to choose extremely popular baby names, others prefer to name their child something a little more unusual. Below are the list of top 10 baby girl and baby boy names from 2009.

Top 10 Baby Boy Names

  • Jack
  • Harry
  • Alfie
  • Thomas
  • Oliver
  • Daniel
  • Joshua
  • Charlie
  • Mohammad
  • George

Top 10 Baby Girl Names

  • Olivia
  • Ruby
  • Emily
  • Grace
  • Lily
  • Jessica
  • Amelia
  • Chloe
  • Isabella
  • Emma

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