If you’re throwing a first birthday party for your one-year-old, the chances are that you may have more than 1 child to keep entertained. Now, it’s possible that your child might be entertained for hours on end by crawling after a bottle of water or tapping the buttons on your TV remote control. But if you’re looking for some slightly more ‘party’ style activities for the children at your party to enjoy, then we have a list of 5 suggestions for you here.

Hire a birthday party entertainer

If you go to some baby classes already, such as Monkey Music or Jo Jingles, then you might want to hire the teacher for your baby’s first birthday party. This will probably involve singing, some movement and stimulating materials such as ribbons, feathers and basic children’s musical instruments (castanets, maracas, tambourines etc).

Bubble blowing

Put a couple of blankets on the floor and get all the babies to lie in a circle with their heads at the centre of the circle and their bodies facing outwards. Get a couple of the adults to walk around the outside of the group blowing bubbles and watching them fall. Older babies and toddlers can have fun popping the bubbles, but younger ones will need special care taking of them to ensure that no soapy bubbles land in their eyes.

Nursery Rhymes and songs

Remember the old favourites from kids parties? Get up off the couch and entertain your children by singing ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’, ‘the Hokey Cokey’ and ‘Old MacDonald Had a Farm’.

Play skittles

Get a set of soft baby skittles and have fun showing the babies how to roll a ball towards them to knock them over. A variation of this game is for an adult to stand with legs apart and have a ball rolled inbetween their legs towards the skittles. Babies love to crawl between and around the legs and they have an even better time if they see adults getting down on all fours to crawl too!

Wrapping Paper

Once you’ve opened the presents for your baby, don’t throw away the wrapping paper. For most babies celebrating their first birthday, the paper is the best part of the present. Show your baby and all the other babies how to scrunch, rip, toss and bat the paper. It’s great fun. Just make sure you have a bin liner on hand afterwards as it can get a bit messy. But if you have a 1 year old, you’ll be used to mess already!

Above all else, remember that whilst babies like to be entertained at a first birthday party, they’re also likely to get tired at some point, so when tempers are starting to fray, don’t be tempted to try out all your party tricks on a cranky crowd. When the party’s over, it’s over!!!

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