Today we’re talking about a book called Freeing Ourselves from the Mad Myths of Parenthood which is by Susan Jeffers, an American author and self-help guru.

For those of you who have got to your baby’s first birthday, looked back on the past year and thought ‘god, that was a lot harder than I thought it would be’, then this might be the perfect book for you. The book focusses on guilt-free parenting. Susan is a hugely compassionate and humorous lady and manages to discuss the myths of parenthood and the ways in which childcare experts can make you feel hugely guilty about the ways in which you have chosen to raise your baby.

Amongst the subjects that she raises, she talks about how it’s ok to admit that being a parent is hard. You can love your baby but still find parenthood to be extremely difficult. Even though it’s seems like new parents are in this club where they’re only allowed to beam and sing their praises of their child, Susan Jeffers makes it very clear that those who are finding the experience hard are by no means alone. She recognises that many new parents consider their baby to be a unique combination of joy as well as torture.

Rather than just point out the obvious feelings that some new parents who are finding it tough go through, Susan also provides lots of survival tips and tricks to help you get through this difficult time and also to work hard on your relationship with your partner which can often suffer after the arrival of a baby.

Freeing Ourselves from the Mad Myths of Parenthood is a refreshingly honest read and you’ll whizz through it in a couple of days. It’s perfect for those people who are feeling a bit lost and who feel a bit let down about their experience of parenthood so far. Get reading this book and you’ll start to feel stronger in no time at all!

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