If you generally like to show off photos of your beautiful baby, you don’t have to stop at popping your baby girl or baby boy in a photo frame on the mantelpiece. Oh no, now you can actually customise all sorts of Disney products to feature a photo of your little bundle of joy.

All you do to purchase one of these fantastic and fun photo gifts, is to sign up with Truprint for a free account. They’ll usually give you a few free prints when you’re a new customer. Then you simply upload your photos and customise a gift with a photo of your choice.
They’ll then ship the item to you and bob’s your uncle!

There are all sorts of Disney classics to choose from including Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Pixar Cars, Hannah Montana, Disney Princesses and the incredibly popular High School Musical.

Truprint also makes it easy to share your photos for FREE with other family and friends who want to be updated on the growth of your baby.

Sign up now for a free Truprint account and you can see just how easy it is to quickly and easily customise a Disney Photo gift with a photo of your baby.

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