A story has broken today regarding the dangers of pregnant women switching to drinking organic milk during pregnancy. A recent study by the University of Reading has been looking into the effects of milk consumption on the brain development of unborn babies.
It is thought that many women are switching to organic or UHT (ultra-high temperature) milk whilst expecting, in a bid to be more healthy, but unfortunately they are unaware that by doing so, they may be accidentally reducing the amount of iodine in their diet.
By doing so, they could be affecting the brain development of their child which may lead to reduced IQ scores and lower reading abilities.
It is not that organic milk is unhealthy, but just that it contains less iodine per pint than non-organic milk so it is harder for women to get reach the recommended daily requirement.

Milk is the primary source of iodine for many people in the UK but it is not the only way to obtain iodine in the diet. Other dairy products also contain iodine, as does fish. If you are taking the Pregnacare Original multivitamin then this will provide you with 93% of your recommended daily dosage for this nutrient. It is also worth mentioning that Kelp supplements are not recommended as they can contain excessive levels of iodine.

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