As a parent, you’ll understand the importance of getting your child to sleep and take naps at appropriate times for your routine. Unfortunately, your little one sometimes needs some convincing that it’s time for sleep, particularly when it’s the middle of the day and there is light streaming in through the windows.

If you can afford it, then of course you could invest in some extra thick curtains for your baby’s room (or your own room depending on where you put your child down to sleep), but this is of course an expensive measure, might not match your decor and you may still find that you have light flooding in through the sides of your curtains.

This is where the Gro Anywhere Blackout Blinds come in.

They are a portable blackout blind solution that stick to glass using suction cups. They come in a compact carry case which is perfect for transporting to other houses (such as the grandparents) or on holiday. The blackout blinds for babies come in one size which fits windows of a maximum of 130 cm x 200 cm, but this can be reduced for smaller windows.

It’s easy to position the blind correctly and you’ll notice an enormous difference to your room once the blind is in place. A word of warning though: if you’re going to be using this in Mum and Dad’s room, be sure to set an alarm for yourself, as it’s extremely easy to oversleep with no natural light to wake you up – although your baby’s probably the best alarm clock you’ve ever owned!

Priced at £29.99, the blackout blinds are extremely affordable – check out The Gro Store for more details.

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