Bibs make a great baby’s first birthday party gift or favour for your little guests. They’re also very practical during the party too with all that messy finger food flying around.

You can either download a bib template from the Internet (check out Martha Stewart or Pottery Barn’s sites) or you can simply buy a batch of plain or white bibs to decorate yourself. If you have older children, they may love to be involved in this craft project.

If you have chosen to buy a batch of inexpensive bibs, then be sure to wash them first so that they’re shrunk and able to take colour and glue.

Decorate the bibs with a selection of fabric paints, fabric markers, iron-on stickers, decorations. Children love interesting textures and bright colours, so go all out with the design of your first birthday party bibs. A few words of warning though:
Be sure though that anything that you stitch on is large and will not be swallowed by inquisitive little mouths!
Also ensure that only an adult is in charge of ironing on any stickers or patterns. Make sure even a cooling iron is supervised at all times.

You can add messages such as ‘Archie’s First Birthday Party’, or you can personalise each bib with the name of the guest. If you prefer you can choose to add phrases such as ‘On the Sauce’ or ‘Party, 2AM, My Crib, Bring a Bottle’.

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