A baby’s first nursery is a great excuse to decorate and go completely over the top for your little one. You can choose to decorate in the traditional colours of pink for a girl and blue for a boy, or perhaps if you chose not to find out the sex of your baby, then you might have opted for a more neutral or yellow coloured room.

Some parents incorporate a theme into the design of their bedroom – popular themes include butterflies, fairies and flowers for girls, whereas boys rooms tend to use themes such as cars, dinosaurs and space.

No baby’s first nursery is complete without a selection of beautiful accessories and accents, so please feel free to browse through our selections of personalised pictures for children, personalised clocks,personalised bunting, personalised wooden letters,personalised baby cushions and personalised baby blankets.
The clocks, pictures and bunting are useful for decorating wall space, although you could also use wall stickers, friezes and wallpaper borders.
Baby cushions are perfect for a nursing chair in the corner of the room, or as a decorative measure for a cot that should be removed before you put your child to bed in it.
Personalised baby blankets are great for many uses – for keeping your baby warm in her cot or pram, for throwing over a chair or the end of a crib or for allowing your baby to kick about on during playtime.


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