The fun and colourful baby’s first birthday party goodie bags displayed below are perfect for babies and toddlers alike.

Keep the other youngsters entertained at your baby’s first birthday party, by supplying them with goodie bags. Although these are traditionally handed out at the end of the party to keep kids happy on their journey home, you might be tempted (as the host!) to hand them out halfway through your baby’s party when an air of restlessness descends upon the room!

It’s up to you to decide how much of your financial budget you want to spend on the making up of goodie bags. You can either buy pre-prepared bags such as the wonderful selection above, or alternatively you can make up a pick and mix style bag of your own.

If you’re throwing a party that has a theme of any sort, such as a fancy dress party, then you’ll probably want to keep your goodie bags in keeping with the theme. One thing to remember is to keep the items in the goodie bags as colourful as possible, because as you’ll already undoubtedly know, stimulating colours are extremely important in your baby’s visual development.

You should be careful about the inclusion of sweets in a goodie bag. Some parents might be quite disapproving of you feeding their children sweets, so sometimes it’s better to have them there at the party as an option, rather than giving them directly to someone elses child.

You should also watch out for the size of items that you place in a goodie bag. Take care not to place tiny objects that a baby or toddler could choke on. Obviously as a parent, you’ll already know what your instincts say about certain things around your baby.

Don’t forget about the older children who might be present at your baby’s first birthday. If there are older brothers and sisters around, then you’ll need to provide age-appropriate entertainment for them too, because they will certainly kick up a stink if they’ve been forgotten about! If you’re not sure of their exact ages, then give their parents a call to find out. Monster Parties have a fantasic collection of party bags – including luxury party bags, themed party bags, budget goodie bags, unisex goodie bags and party bags for girls or boys.

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