If you’re throwing a baby’s first birthday party, it can be difficult to decide what food to serve. The best advice we can give you is to keep it simple. Remember that you’re not only serving food for your own baby, but also other babies that may be a little older or younger than your own child. Finger food is perfect for a babys first birthday party. You can serve goujons, sausages, bread sticks, biscuits, chocolate sticks, mini pizzas and dips.

As far as drinks go, some of the children at your baby’s first birthday party, might need to drink from a feeder cup or bottle. For others, it’s normally best to provide a range of water, fizzy drinks, milk and diluted fruit juices.

You would normally want to serve a birthday cake as well, so you can get that important shot of your baby in front of his/her 1st birthday cake, with 1 little candle right in the middle of it. Make sure your child doesn’t try to do what comes naturally, and grab at it when it’s lit.

An alternative to having one large birthday cake, you can also opt to serve cupcakes, which can be displayed on a cupcake tree stand , such as the one pictured below.

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