If you’re going to be throwing a first birthday for your baby soon, then you might be wondering what kind of location the party should take place in.

List of locations for a first birthday party

At your house
Perhaps the most obvious choice is to throw a 1st birthday party at your own house. It’s familiar territory for both you and your child. You could have a room (such as the dining room) for eating and another room (perhaps the living room) for entertainment and playing. The downside to having a party at your own house is that you may end up with guests that outstay their welcome and of course you’ll have a lot of mess to clear up afterwards.

At the grandparents house
Unless you do a runner afterwards, you’ll still have mess to clear up, but you’ll probably also have some assistance in the form of your parents or inlaws. Holding a baby’s first birthday at the grandparents house is a great idea if they have a particularly sizeable house with lots of safe roomy areas that the children can play in. It’s important to consider the location of where they live though, if it is far from your own house or from where your guests live.

At a friends house
If you have lots of friends (perhaps from an antenatal class?) where lots of the babies are turning 1 within a small period of time, then you might consider having 1 big joint birthday party for all the 1 year olds, otherwise you’ll be attending a first birthday party every weekend. If this is the case, then it might be a good idea to throw a joint birthday party at one of your friends houses, particularly if they have a large house or one that is in a good, central location which is easy for all the guests to get to.

In the park
If your baby is turning 1 during the summer, then you might consider having a first birthday picnic in the park. Now, this is England, so one thing you’ll need to think about and is the weather. But if you’re lucky with the sunshine, then this can be a great idea. It’s free, you don’t need to worry too much about mess (although please take your litter home) and there is no end up space to use. Make sure you take lots of sun cream and floppy hats to keep the babies covered up though and be alert for any dangerous dogs that are not being correctly looked after by their owners.

At a restaurant function room
If you’re planning a more formal event, with lots of adult friends and family, then you might consider hiring a restaurant function room for you baby’s first birthday party. This won’t be a cheap option at all, but you could choose either a buffet or a sitdown meal and invite all your nearest and dearest to help you celebrate your baby turning 1.

At a village hall or similar function room
If you’re looking for a more sizeable location than your own house, but want a more affordable choice than a restaurant function room, then the hiring of a village or church hall may be for you. You can easily hire a children’s entertainer, hook up a sound system for nursery rhymes and party tunes and put up a table with your buffet spread.

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