We’re not here to tell you whether or not you should be feeding your child cake. By this stage in your baby’s development, you’ll undoubtedly know how you feel about your baby’s diet. You’ll either consider it to be revolting to give your child any form of sugar or unhealthy food, or you’ll think that other parents can be a bit OTT about what they deprive their children of eating.

Whatever you decide, you have some choices to make if you’re going to be throwing your baby a 1st birthday party.

For those of you who aren’t considering serving a birthday cake or any sort… please think carefully about this.
Whilst it may seem silly now, many parents (and eventually their children) treasure the photo of their baby on his or her first birthday, with a great big cake in front of them and 1 tiny candle to be blown out. This photo is up there with wedding and graduation photos in terms of sentimentality, so make sure you honestly won’t feel like you’ve missed out if you don’t get this photo taken!

Once you’ve decided that you do want to have a birthday cake at your baby’s first birthday party , it’s then up to you to decide if you want to make it, rely on a trustworthy family member or friend, or whether you just want to buy one.

There are no right or wrong answers here, although it’s more likely that a bought cake will cost much more than a home-made one.

You might consider a rather new trend of serving cupcakes at your baby’s first birthday party. Don’t worry you can still get the photo of your little one in front of the cake and candle. The plus side to serving cupcakes rather than a large cake is that

  • They’re easy to make
  • Cupcakes are extremely easy for your guests to take home
  • You won’t need to worry about cutting the cake, you can just leave the party guests to serve themselves, leaving you to watch your baby
  • You can make many, many different flavours of cupcakes, whereas with a traditional cake, you’re normally stuck with having one flavour per tier.
  • When your baby plunges his or her little fist into the centre of a cupcake, at least it’s only that cupcake that is ruined and not an entire cake.
  • You can serve your cupcakes on a cupcake stand, which makes an attractive centrepiece at a party.

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