During the nine months spent in the womb, the baby is held nice and tightly in a warm and cosy environment. So you can imagine why when he or she departs their first home that they suddenly feel extremely vulnerable and too ‘free’. Whilst moses baskets and cribs offer much to try and create a small space to sleep in, there is another solution to help your baby feel secure. This solution is called baby swaddling.

Swaddling also suppresses the Moro reflex during sleep, which causes the baby to suddenly throw out his arms and legs, usually resulting in him waking himself up. Swaddling prevents him from being able to do this.

In short, swaddling your baby, involves wrapping a blanket firmly around your baby so that he or she feels safe with a slight feeling of pressure all around the body – much like their experience of being in the womb. You should always be careful when swaddling though, not to wrap the blanket too tightly, or else this could interfere with the baby’s circulation. Also, it’s important not to cover the baby’s head.

Trying to swaddle your baby in a normal baby blanket, can be achieved, but it can be a little tricky to perfect the art. Therefore we’d highly recommend using a special swaddle design, such as the Gro Swaddle, which is really easy to follow and even parents who are all fingers and thumbs can swaddle their little one quickly and easily. The Gro Swaddle starts at £11.99 and comes in a variety of different designs and colours. They’re suitable for both under and overarm swaddling and for babies up to a maximum of 14 lbs (roughly 3 months of age). It’s also important to note that the Gro Swaddle is 100% cotton.

Swaddling will only be suitable for the first month or two of a baby’s life. After this, the baby will likely be more interested in having a little more space and this could be a great time to graduate to a baby sleeping bag.

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