The Baby Einstein Baby Mozart DVD won Child and Parent Magazine’s Video of the Year award, so is a fantastic choice of gift for a baby’s first birthday.

The Baby Mozart DVD pictured above is part of the Baby Einstein series who specialise in infant development through the use of sight and sound.

The DVD showcases the most popular pieces of music composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It is a well documented theory that exposing children to his music as early as possible (even before birth) can stimulate their mental development and ultimately make them smarter.

The DVD is split into 3 sections – Bedtime, Playtime and Little Ears and features classic Mozart pieces which are choreographed in time to moving shapes, toys and colours across your TV screen.

Many parents find that their children are completely soothed and captivated by this DVD, so it’s fantastic for putting on when you need to do a spot of housework, get dinner on the table or just get your baby to calm down a bit.

Similar DVDs in the Baby Einstein range include Baby Beethoven and Baby Van Gogh World of Colours.

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