If you’ve been thinking about throwing a baby’s first birthday party for your littl’un but aren’t quite sure it’s the right thing for you to do, then don’t despair, there are many other ways to celebrate a year with your beautiful 1 year old.

Suggestions on how to have a wonderful and meaningful first birthday without it involving throwing an official party

Go for a family picnic
Depending on the time of year, it might be appropriate to go for a family picnic to celebrate your baby’s first birthday. Your child will most likely be eating a whole variety of finger foods at this age, so make sure you pack carrot sticks, bread sticks, goujons, steamed fruits and any other stick foods that your child is happy to eat.

Visit Santa
At the opposite time of year, if you’re celebrating a first birthday in November or December, then consider doing something wintery or Christmassy to mark the occasion. Visiting Santa’s grotto is a lovely idea. Your baby will love pulling on Santa’s beard and it makes for some excellent photo opportunities.

Go to the zoo
At the age of 1, your baby may not be walking yet, but he or she will have certainly been taking in the world around. Animals are a part of that world. If you’ve noticed your baby paying attention to birds flying overhead or dogs running around in the park, or indeed any family pets you may have, then it may be time for a trip to the zoo. A trip to a zoo makes a wonderful family day out. There are plenty of other babies and children there and often special kids centres are available. You also shouldn’t have any issue with baby changing facilities being available. Again, a trip to the zoo with your 1 year old can make for some beautiful photos to treasure for years to come!

Have family to visit
Just because you’re not throwing an official first birthday party, doesn’t mean that you don’t want to include other people. If you have grandparents, godparents, or aunties and uncles who are keen to celebrate this important milestone with you, then you may consider having a small group of family and friends to come and spend the day with you.

Combine the day with a christening or naming ceremony
If you are interested in getting your baby christened or having them named as part of a naming ceremony or day, then you might want to combine a first birthday with this event and host two events in one (or kill two birds with one stone, but we didn’t think this was the nicest way to put it!). This might not be particularly easy depending on the day of the week on which your child’s birthday falls, so you’ll need to check the schedule with your local church or British Humanist Association.

Go on holiday
By the time your baby is 1, you and your partner might be feeling brave enough to attempt a family holiday. What better way to celebrate a year of your baby being in the world, than with a rewarding break for Mum and Dad. So long as you’re aware that it won’t be the most relaxing break you’ve ever taken, then this is a lovely idea. Depending on where you go, there are sometimes good babysitting options and extremely family-friendly venues. Bon voyage!

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